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Diseases of Woody Ornamentals and Trees in Nurseries

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Use the current information in this manual to maintain and grow healthy nursery plant stock. Coverage includes diagnosis and control of more than 65 ornamental crops (shrubs, ground covers and shade trees) grown in nurseries throughout the United States. A summary of timely control measures is given for each disease that provide an in-depth guide to integrated disease management including cultural control, sanitation, resistance, fungicides and bactericides as well as information on control of various pathogen groups. Readers are helped further by 160 color plates illustrating disease symptoms, tissue culture techniques to eliminate pathogens from propagation stock, a state-by-state list of disease occurrences to make you aware of local problems, and an explanation of the role of plant diagnostic clinics in assisting nurseries in disease diagnosis. State-of-the-art information on important nursery crop issues and the latest horticultural practices in relation to the prevention, diagnosis and control of diseases will be helpful to nursery professionals, extension specialists, county agents, growers, tree-care professionals, master gardeners, researchers, educators, and regulatory personnel, and others who care for these valuable crops.