Anatomy of Exercise for Women

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With 32 more exercises tailored to women.

"A fantastic resource... which can be used by any woman interested in improving her health and physique... The book's ease of use, colorful pictures, and most importantly, the anatomical illustrations, help set this book apart from other similar exercise books. This book would be a great addition to any public library or academic library with a kinesiology program."
--American Reference Books Annual, on the first edition

Women have been joining gyms and running clubs, hiring personal trainers, attending boot camps and entering marathons -- where they now outnumber men -- and participating in all variety of fitness activities in record numbers. They are taking disease prevention seriously by working to ward off the onset of diseases and conditions such as depression, heart disease, osteoporosis, dementia and breast cancer.

Anatomy of Exercise for Women provides women of all ages with exercise programs that will bring great benefits in physical fitness, psychological well-being and meeting the challenges of daily life. Like all of the books in the series, this title has:

  • Detailed, full-color anatomical illustrations for all the exercises
  • Annotations identifying the active and stabilizing muscles
  • Concise how-to instructions for each exercise
  • Identification of the specific muscles that benefit the most from each exercise
  • Suggested modifications for different levels of difficulty
  • A glossary of anatomical terms.

Exercises are presented individually and then also in pre-designed workouts that let women focus on what they want most to improve: Leaner Legs, Thighs and Glutes; Arm Toner; Core Strength and Stability; All-Over Toner; and Working the Waistline. The Beginner's and Back to Basics Workouts are excellent overall programs. Stretching exercises help to alleviate stress and fatigue, improve posture and increase flexibility.

The "Anatomy of..." series has revolutionized how people can approach their fitness needs. More than 500,000 copies of the series have sold. The books are ideal references for beginning exercisers and amateur athletes, elite competitors, trainers, physiotherapists, coaches, sport injury clinics, yoga, Pilates and fitness instructors, team doctors and specialist professionals.