Launch Your Career

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This book shows how ANY student can get a job, internship or research position they want using the Career Launch Method--a detailed framework based on a key insight: the clearest path to landing a position you want is through creating relationships with professionals in the industries you desire.

It's tough to find an internship or job that you really want during the best of times, and these are not the best of times. 
Did you know only 20% of jobs and internships are posted online? This means 80% of positions are filled in what Sean O'Keefe  and others calls the hidden job market. And while the success rate of applying to online job postings is less than 2%, if you develop an internal advocate at the organizations you're interested in, you are 12 times more likely to land a position.
O'Keefe, in partnership with The Career Leadership Collective, is now sharing his proven, 8-step, Career Launch Method(tm) that will help ANY student explore career options and land the internships and jobs they want by creating professional relationships from scratch. This book demystifies the concept of intentional, proactive relationship-building by teaching all the practical micro-steps needed to succeed. O'Keefe teaches you how to "play the student card" to turn your student status into a powerful advantage.
Launch Your Career features first-person stories of students from all backgrounds and programs of study who have used the Career Launch Method(tm) to earn jobs or internships at all types of companies, non-profits, government agencies, social enterprises, and institutions across the country and around the world. 
Thousands of students have reported that the Career Launch Method(tm) increased their self-
confidence and helped them become more courageous, not only in their job search, but in all areas of life.
The book includes the Career Launch Readiness Assessment(tm) which helps students evaluate their competency in five key areas: career exploration, personal brand, networking, job searching, and personal growth.  This book will become a go-to resource for students looking to find internships and jobs, as well as a needed resource for colleges looking to increase retention rates and student's ROI.