Mapping Populism

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Brexit. Trump. LePen. The Five Star Movement. The recent success of populist movements and politicians is extraordinary, though the rise of populism is understandable in light of increasing political polarization, disappointing politicians, and exhausting election campaigns. With the future trajectory of democracy uncertain, two important questions remain unanswered. How did we get here? And why did we get here? Exploring how and why populism succeeded, John Agnew and Michael Shin consider the reasons for the Brexit vote, who voted--and who did not vote --for Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen, and the rise of an Italian populist government, Through comparative geographical analyses, the authors literally and figuratively map the rise of populism across the United Kingdom, the United States, France, and Italy. Geography tells us who the people are who have supported populism and the limits and possibilities of its claim to represent all of "the people," wherever they are. Organized around recurring central themes of turnout, leadership, and media, and using compelling maps, their book encourages thought and discussion on an increasingly important topic--and on the future of democracy itself. For additional materials and a corrected version of Figure 2.1, visit https: //