Growing Life

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As modern farming and ranching evolve away from mass consolidation and industrialization, a new strategy is rapidly emerging: regenerative agriculture. These new systems being implemented across the globe require a shift in the mindset of the land manager and operator, away from being primarily reliant on external inputs such as fertilizers and pesticides, and toward reliance on knowledge, measurement and management. In this first-of-its-kind book, André Leu casts aside judgment of our agriculture system today, and invites all to start moving a positive direction that focuses on growing abundant life. Inside this book, the first in a series, you will explore the fundamentals of regenerative agriculture, including specific, proven steps designed to grow healthy food, while regenerating our natural resources like clean water, soil and air.Readers will also learn:? the role of photosynthesis in a farming system;? successful tactics for ground cover and weed management;? soil health and nutrition;? building functional biodiversity; and? implementation and execution tactics.Includes a helpful appendix on vetted, natural inputs. Plus, enjoy inspiring pieces inside by Gary Zimmer, author of Biological Farmer, and Vandana Shiva, global author and advocate for natural, family farming.