The (Almost) Zero Waste Guide

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Cut back on waste and reduce your carbon footprint by going (almost) zero waste with these 100 tips on how to be less wasteful in your home and your community.

In a perfect world, we would all be able to fit a year's worth of waste in a mason jar. But for most of us, doing so can be immensely intimidating or simply not feasible.

In The (Almost) Zero Waste Guide, author Melanie Mannarino shares 100 simple tips for being less wasteful with what you eat, how you live in your home, when you're curating your wardrobe, when you practice self-care, during your travels near and far, and in your community. What's more, she even advises on how you can reduce your "unseen" waste--such as purchasing clothes with more sustainable fabrics and adopting a "Meatless Monday" regimen to help decrease your carbon footprint.

If you're someone who wants to reduce waste in your daily life and make a positive impact on the planet without making drastic changes in your habits, then look no further. This highly accessible and practical guide will have you living a greener, more sustainable life that is (almost) zero waste in no time!