The Aquatic Birds Coloring Book

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"Water-loving birds, like ducks, geese, herons, and sandpipers, have fascinated us for centuries. This book guides you to notice the details of their feathers and unique physical adaptations to life in and near the water through the medium of a coloring book. For those who learn much faster by doing rather than by reading, this is a great way to deepen your knowledge of these wonderful birds while relaxing with your colored pencils."  -- David Yarnold, CEO & President, National Audubon Society

A fascinating, interactive coloring book for readers and artists with an interest in birds or those studying ornithology.

With tens of millions of birders in the United States alone and millions more around the world, The Aquatic Birds Coloring Book is designed to enhance the knowledge of anyone interested in learning more about birds, their anatomy and physiology, habitats, characteristics, mating habits, and much more.

With the Coloring Concepts approach to educating the inquisitive mind through the use of kinesthetic methods--coloring while learning--those seeking to expand their knowledge will find this book fun and enlightening.

The book includes more than sixty detailed illustrations and is divided into four sections: Introduction to Aquatic Birds; Beaks and Bills; Systems and Characteristics; and Orders of Aquatic Birds. Text accompanying each illustration enables the reader to fully comprehend the information about each bird. Once the book is colored, readers will find joy in reviewing their work and discovering the intricacies of a bird's feather or how bone structure supports them in flight. As readers complete each section, they will realize that it is a compliment to be called a "bird brain"!