Philosophy for Girls

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Think of a philosopher. You're probably picturing a man either from ancient times, holding forth in a forum or an Enlightenment thinker gripping a quill pen and pouring universal truths onto the page. Maybe you're even thinking of an Existentialist beatnik, smoking a cigarette in a Paris cafe.But chances are you aren't thinking of a woman. For thousands of yearsAs this volume shows, however, philosophy is full of vibrant and important female voices, exploring a wide range of issues that are richly relevant to everyone. The twenty essays in this volume - all new and all written by women - invite and encourage girls and women in high school, college, andbeyond to think philosophically. Beyond being written by women, the essays also cite women nearly exclusively. Throughout the essays, the authors give a tour of the diverse landscape of philosophy, highlighting its engagement with themes of gender and equity. By doing so, they encourage the nextgeneration of philosophers to expand that landscape farther.Divided into four sections that correspond to major fields in philosophy - metaphysics, epistemology, social and political philosophy, and ethics - the volume explores a wide range of topics that will interest young readers and entice them to learn more. Philosophy for Girls provides a rigorous yetaccessible entry-point into serious philosophical contemplation.