Be Your Own Best Friend: the Glorious Truths of Being Female

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This book is a celebration of...

Your best friend

Your cheerleader

Your soulmate


Let these pages be a constant reminder that you are absolutely spectacular, just the way you are - every part of you, inside and out.

Pull up a comfy seat in my brain and let's unravel all the delightfully complex layers that make us whole. Together, we will navigate our way through finding confidence, delve into lessons we wish we'd been taught at school and become the CEOs of our busy minds. You'll strengthen your relationship with your body, your brain and all the phenomenal humans in your life.

Whether you're a parent wanting to help your teenager through the turbulence of puberty, a partner searching to understand your girlfriend or just really want to know how to become your own best friend, I'm here to guide you through.

An enormous, endless amount of love,

Chessie x