Health and Healthcare in Northern Canada

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Accounting for almost two thirds of the country's land-mass, Northern Canada is a vast region, host to rich natural resources and a diverse cultural heritage shared across Indigenous and non-indigenous residents. In this book, Rebecca Schiff and Helle Møller analyse health and healthcare in Northern Canada from a perspective that acknowledges the unique strengths, resilience, and innovation of northerners, while also addressing the challenges aggravated by contemporary manifestations of colonialism.

Old and new forms of colonial programs and policies continue to create health and healthcare disparities in the North, which has had a profound impact on northerners. Divided into three sections, Health and Healthcare in Northern Canada paints a broad picture of primary issues that northern peoples face. Several chapters are written by northerners and utilize case studies, quotes, photographs, and other materials to highlight voices and perspectives of people living in northern Canada. In order to maintain resilience, improve the positive outcomes of health determinants, and diminish negative stereotypes, we must ensure that northerners - and their cultures, values, strengths and leadership - are at the centre of the ongoing work to achieve social justice and health equity.