Edible Flowers

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A beautiful and illuminating guide to the use and cultural history of edible flowers, featuring gorgeous original photography, simple recipes and preparation methods, and thoughtful essays on eating flowers by leading voices across fields.

This stunning guide to edible flowers--conceived by Monica Nelson, the founding creative and photo director of the influential journal Wilder Quarterly, and Adrianna Glaviano, a noted food and lifestyle photographer--is small in size but brimming with information and features lush original photography. Including more than 100 flowers, Edible Flowers offers for each an enlightening text describing its flavor profile, and suggested and traditional uses as an ingredient or accent, accompanied by a vibrant photographic portrait. Punctuated by simple recipes and short, essayistic moments written by celebrated chefs, artists, and writers recalling the use of edible flowers in their creative and gastronomic histories, and also including an illustrated "Life Span of a Flower" section demonstrating how some flowers may be consumed at every phase of their growth cycle, and a list of flowers not to eat, Edible Flowers is both a practical resource and a delightful read.