Decode Your Fatigue

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A practical guide to overcoming chronic fatigue, adrenaline fatigue syndrome and chronic low energy, by a renowned health expert.

Get to the root cause of your chronic fatigue diagnosis and discover a clinically proven 12-step plan to healing, recovery and transformation.

Approximately 30 million people suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, and 43 per cent of people admit to feeling too tired to function at work. With post-viral fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome expected to rise significantly as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, looking after our health is more vital than ever. Diagnosing and treating fatigue remains a mysterious and confusing process, with traditional medical approaches focusing on managing symptoms rather than understanding and addressing underlying causes.

In Decode Your Fatigue, Alex Howard, leading expert on chronic fatigue, guides you through a clinically proven methodology for discovering the true cause of your fatigue, helps you understand the key steps to healing, and ultimately demonstrates that recovery is not just possible, it is the logical outcome of applying the right interventions, in the right sequence, at the right time.

Alex has dedicated the last 23 years of his life to understanding fatigue. After suffering from chronic fatigue for seven years as a teenager, he created The Optimum Health Clinic (OHC), one of the world's leading clinics specializing in fatigue which works with thousands of patients in over 45 countries.