How to Think Like a Philosopher

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Introducing you to some of the great themes of philosophical thought and the ideas of the individuals who have shaped them.

From Socrates to Sartre, Avicenna to Angela Davis, this accessible guide will get you up to speed on the world's greatest minds and help you to think like them.

You've heard of Plato, but do you understand his Theory of Forms? What does René Descartes' maxim "I think, therefore I am" actually mean? And how is philosophy relevant to modern life?

Drawing on the thoughts and words of iconic philosophers from the ancient world right through to the present day, each chapter deals with a specific philosophical theory. Explore the conflict between free will and determinism, the political concept of Machiavellianism, the difference between metaphysics and epistemology, and what dialectics actually is in this accessibly-written guide to the smartest minds in history.