Almost Happy

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Its a proven fact; we are healthier and happier when we are laughing. Not only is laughter good for our body, mind, and spirit, but it can also help us face the uncomfortable challenge of dealing with our personal difficulties. Almost Happy introduces the reader to a practical and accessible way to use humor to effect change. Reverse psychology can provoke us to discover, own, and enact authentic solutions to many of our issues. The 114 original buttons were designed as stirring visual communications to enhance the provocative process--which is based on three core ideas: 1.People dont like being told what to do. 2.Reverse Psychology, a technique known to most parents, also works brilliantly on adults. 3. Irony, satire and parody--when used warmly and responsibly--can provoke the emergence of conscience and common sense. Are you ready to read a book that will gently tease you about your issues? The buttons and provocative suggestions are offered with a twinkle in the eye and affection in the heart.