The Dog Lover's Pocket Bible

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Dogs are wonderful animals and dedicated pets, enjoying the title of man's best friend for centuries; they offer companionship and hours of joy to owners and families alike. Whether you own a dog or simply adore these devoted creatures, The Dog Lover's Pocket Bible answers everything essential about dogs, including
How did dogs become man's best friend?
Can I train a dog to be more obedient?
What is the difference between a pure breed and a pedigree?
How do you work out dog years?
Can I really teach an old dog new tricks?

This indispensible little guide will tell you what you need to know when you need to know it.

This beautiful hardback edition has both dust-cover and gold embossing on the spine making it the perfect gift. Every Pocket Bible is lovingly crafted to give you a unique mix of useful references, handy tips and fascinating trivia that will enlighten and entertain you at every page. There is a Pocket Bible for everyone...

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