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A Toolkit for Your Emotions

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SKU:  9781529416213
Product  9781529416213
'Emma has a unique way of cutting through to the heart of the issues we all face day-in-day-out. There isn't another book out there like this and it should be a mandatory read for anyone with a brain.' - Anna Whitehouse, founder of MotherPukka

In this warm, wise book, clinical psychologist Dr Emma Hepburn (Instagram's@thepsychologymum) introduces her proven and practical tools for taking care of your mental and emotional wellbeing every day.

Using her trademark illustrations, Dr Hepburn (aka @thepsychologymum) shines a welcome ray of light into the neglected corners of your brain. From identifying what triggers unhappy thoughts to overcoming the fear of making mistakes, A Toolkit for Modern Life will help you to cultivate positive habits and feel more confident, happier and in tune with yourself.

* Call out and manage feelings of imposter syndrome

* Answer back to your inner critic

* Become aware of and monitor your emotional capacity

* Spot unhelpful thoughts and develop more helpful patterns of thinking

* Understand how the emotions cycle affects you* Identify what triggers anxiety for you and how to intercept it

* Overcome the fear of making mistakes

* Spot and call out your 'catastrophizing'

* Identify and disarm social media comparisons

* Align your decisions and actions with your core values

* Assemble your own mental health toolkit for life